We aim to contribute and service society.

Our History and Goal.

During our founder Seiichi Adachi World War II, he worked to Nakajima Aircraft, at the end of the war after the 1947 Sudachō, founded the street vendors dealing with the radio parts, abolished stalls by the subsequent 1949 MacArthur instruction and become Ya, established Akihabara radio store Co., Ltd. in 10 people of the same industry. With the development of the electronics industry, the separation as April electronic components general trading company in 1960, founded the “Sanmakoto Co., Ltd.” we have reached the present.

The founder named this company for’Sansei’.
The origin is founder’s belief that to be honest for the sky, the underground and the people. Besides, to be sincerity for customers.

Aiming for a company target “company that society respect can contribute and service”, offer the best satisfaction to our customers, build a stronger partnership, also with the goal of improving the richer life of the Group employees, the we continue the day-to-day effort to achieve.

Basic principles about environment.

As well as activities aimed at corporate goals listed above, also recognize the seriousness of the environmental problems, the region in all aspects, and we will endeavor to preserve the improvement of the global environment.

President Mitsutaka Mimura