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We need the people who have original idea and creative sincerity.
The idea and energy from the people who have infinite potential create the future.

Starting from zero

Everything starts from ‘zero’.
Important things are the motivation and trying without fear.
You have infinite potential.
Company’s role is connecting your potential and jobs.
We follow you with freshman seminar, follow-up seminar and to raise specialist.
We expect that you get supreme fulfillment when you know basic and carry out works with uniqueness and vitality.

infinite possibilities

Now, Electric industry of Japan is the top rank. However, electric industries of Japan face to be changing world economy.
Forward 21 century, creative idea with latest information and sufficient analytics and original mind are required.
Today’s technology progress very quickly.
The works of computer, network and advanced technology have infinite potential and dream.
Let’s create the future with significant energy.


[Application Requirements]


1. Adopted personnel University (Some Name)

Junior College / Vocational School (Some Name)

High School (Some Name)

2. Eligibility High school graduation or more
3. Application documents Resume Autograph (Photo Attached) One Copy

Of Resumes Generally Towards

The People Of New Graduates Graduation Certificate

4. How to apply Following submission destination addressed, should be mailed to the above-mentioned documents
5. Selection Process After document screening interview
6. Selection location
7. Selection date and time We will contact you separately
8. Posting Title programmer